Morning Coffee Blocks Back Pain

For office workers, as well as all
those who spend most of the day at the computer – the best drink for breakfast
is hard to find.

conducted an experiment, which was attended by about fifty office staff. Before
starting the work the first group drank a cup of coffee. Even after continuous
sitting at a computer for a half hour volunteers did not feel pain in the back,
neck and legs, while the second group of volunteers who were not given coffee
before work, felt uncomfortable with all things being equal.

Those who
are not fan of this drink, suffer much more often. Scientists explain the
regularity that caffeine stimulates receptors responsible for reducing pain.
Thus, scientists have confirmed the assumption that, in small doses, caffeine
has analgesic effects by stimulating the receptors of the body responsible for
the reduction of pain. By the way, coffee reduces the so-called Delayed onset
muscle soreness after intense exercise. Thus, this delicious drink can be
called anesthetic for muscular pain. Drink coffee for your health!

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