Four out of Ten in Norway Have been Bullied

A total of 1,151 people between 18 and 67 years participated in the survey. 43 percent of the participants said they have been bullied, while 11 percent were unsure whether they have been bullied.

With the start of the new education year in Norway, bullying issue is again on the agenda of the reserachers and educators.

Moreover, 38 percent reported that they know one or more adults who have been bullied. 54 percent also say they know one or more children who have been bullied.
Talking to Dagbladet, researcher Erling Roland pointed out that around 40,000 children and young people in Norway wake up every morning with the fear of being bullied. Roland, professor of educational psychology at the Centre for Behavioural Research at the University of Stavanger, describes bullying as a huge social problem.

– The figures confirm the findings of similar studies. These results tell us that a large proportion of children and young people think it is a hard and demanding activity to be at school today, says child psychologist Willy-Tore Mørch from University of Tromsø.

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