Norway to Build World’s Longest Floating Bridge

A 7.5 kilometers long floating bridge may be an option for Rogfas instead of a 25 kilometers undersea tunnel. The bridge will have spans of up to 800 meters between each float.  The project manager in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Olav Ellevsen said that it is technologically possible to build a bridge there and they need some more time to collect basic data with regard to wind and current conditions in the area. But he expects to have clear conclusion in the autumn, according to Aftenbaldet.

The bridge will be held up by steel rods attached to the tower being built on large floating structures that are anchored to the seabed. The big question, however, is the price tag on the project, which will also require building of new tunnels in the area. But even if the bridges are much more expensive to build, they are far cheaper to maintain than the undersea tunnels.

– It is too early to say which project to continue. It takes a lot to walk away from the original plans for the undersea tunnel to the floating bridge, but the price difference between the two projects is not only decisive factor. The potential for energy production, for example, may play a role in decision. The opportunities for producing energy from wind or ocean seem more and more promising, especially when it comes to Boknafjorden, says Olav Ellevsen.

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