Change of DNA Law is Required after Serial Rape Cases

Sigrid Giskegjerdet Schjetne (16) has disappeared a few hundred meters from his home in Oslo on Sunday night. After three days of fruitless searching, the police yesterday stated that they believe she might have been victim of a crime.

As the site where she disappeared is just about several hundreds away from the site where three unsolved sexual offenses occured by a mysterious serial raper, police checks the suspect’s DNA to the Sigrid case.

Lawyer Hege Salomon said to TV2 that police found DNA from that person in relation to three sexual offenses, assault rape of an 18-year-old girl, an abuse of a six year old girl and a case of assault against teenage girls. All in the same area. 

The 18 year old victim of the suspect also connected the case to her perpetrator, when she heard about the disappearance of Sigrid Schjetne.

In october she had given a detailed description of the perpetrator, which was used as the basis for police drawing. Accordingly, the suspect has Nordic appearance, about 175 centimeters height, blue eyes, slightly yellow teeth,  and dark blonde hair at around 30-35. She had also described him as a native speaker of Norwegian’s Oslo dialect.

But so far, he could not be found due to the law restricting DNA sampling from suspects. Lawyer Hege Salomon wants the government to change the rules so that the police may call the suspicious people to submit their DNA to the investigators.

The lawyer thinks the government should change the laws of Norway, as happened in Sweden a few years ago so to accelerate the investigation of this kind of serious criminal case.


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