Norwegian Prisons Face Closure

The institution has developed a plan that the country should close down all prisons with a capacity of less than 30 people, writes Aftenposten. If this plan is implemented, 27 out of 60 Norwegian prisons will be closed.

As suggested in the proposal, the small prisons should be closed because of their inefficiency. The document was sent to the Minister of Justice Grete Faremo. It is expected that decision will be taken in August.

Meanwhile, both employees of small prisons and prisons’ inmates are against the plan. Most of the employees are afraid that the closure of facilities will lead to job losses not only in prisons, but also in collaborating organizations. As for prisoners, they like to serve their sentence in small communities, where respectful relations could be achieved among all its members.

An institution in the southern town of Gjovik is a typical example of the petty prison where staff and prisoners are against the closure. Trying to prevent a possible liquidation, administration institution is planning to increase the number of capacity from 30 to 50. To expand the capacity, the city authorities have already allocated 50 million NOK for the prison.

According to the website of Norwegian Services for supervision of correctional institutions, in 2011 the Norwegian prisons are inhabited by 9824 people.

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