FrP Plans to Stop Beggars on the Border

Progress Party (FrP) leader, Siv Jensen talked about her solutions against begging and criminals in Norway during the opening of the party’s youth summer camp outside Kristiansand. She criticized Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and the government for being naive and paralyzed on the issue of Romani people and beggars.

Progress Party leader suggested that these people come to Norway because begging is not crime. Therefore, FRP will re-introduce the ban on begging.

She believes the police should have legal power to stop visitors on the border if they suspect they are criminals.

– Some say it is not possible to stop the beggars at the border, but it’s wrong. The police can stop the beggars at the border if they think that they will commit crimes. They do so with mc-criminals and football hooligans. That does not mean you stop anyone who wants to watch football, but you stop them if you have reason to believe that they will do anything criminal. It can also be applied to beggars, says Jensen.

– This is not about to stop innocent beggars, but those who use begging as an excuse for committing crime, says Jensen to

She does not fear that it will lead to people being stopped at the border just because of how they look.

Jensen also addressed the ambassadors from Romania and Bulgaria, where most beggars come from.

– Norway has allocated significant EEA funds to support them. It is the home countries which have primary responsibility for their citizens. I want answers from the ambassadors what these countries have done for the money they received, asked Jensen.

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