Oslo Municipality Demands Apology and Compensation from US Embassy

Oslo police received a message from the American Embassy in Oslo that they had found a suspicious object in a car that parked in the embassy area at 11:15 on Tuesday. 

Police implemented all necessary measures, and evacuated a large area in 500 meter radius around the embassy. The buses and trains were stopped. Also some of the matches were canceled in the ongoing international football tournemant, Norway Cup.  

The bomb team at Oslo Police have removed the item and realized that it was a practice bomb which was used by the embassy to exercise a security drill in the previous weeks.

Oslo Municipality Demands Apology and Compensation

Governing Mayor of Oslo, Stian Berger Røsland believes that the Americans have to pay compensation due to this mistake.

– If the U.S. embassy is the cause of the drama in Oslo, it must be expected to apologize and offer some financial compensation, says Mayor Røsland to Aftenposten.

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