Breivik Will Never Be Released from Prison

Last week, Breivik’s defender Geir Lippestad said that the Norwegian community must prepare for the days when Breivik would be back among them. But the Norwegian politicians do not agree with Lippestad.

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– In all probability, Anders Behring Breivik will remain isolated in the rest of his life, says deputy chairman of Parliament’s Justice Committee and Labour Party Justice spokesman  Jan Bøhler to Dagsavisen. 

Bøhler noted that he could be transferred from compulsory psychiatric care to jail for his own sake and society’s safety, disregarding whether he is insane or mentally stable. 

Also the Centre Party (Sp), and Christian Democratic Party (KrF) see the idea of Breivik’s release into the society entirely inconceivable. 

– With his twisted ideas and attitudes, I see it is difficult to release him again, says the parliamentary leader of the coalition government member Sp, Lars Peder Brekk. He thinks the Norwegian society would have difficulty to accept another option.

Former Minister of Children and Family Affairs Laila Dåvøy (KrF) also thinks that Breivik is too dangerous and he should never come out again. 

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