Ila Prison Confiscates Breivik’s Manifest from Inmates

At least one prisoner has accessed to Anders Breivik’s terrorist manifesto. Ila prison confiscated it for fear that the contents would cause conflict and radicalization among the inmates, writes VG.

– We have discovered that there was a copy of the manifest. The problem is that when one has it, everyone has access to it. We have revoked the manifest some time ago, said prison director Knut Bjarkeid to VG Nett. 

Bjarkeid said he cannot comment on the background of the prisoner who has read the manifesto. 

– It was taken out of school in the prison by mistake. It has nothing to do with teaching, and should not have been there. It’s not something which we generally make available in the prison, says Bjarkeid. 

Also, it was reported that Breivik spends eight to ten hours to write letters in order to establish a network of extremists outside the prison walls. 

Terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp says Breivik’s letter writing is a networking strategy which can inspire other righ extremists to more violence and terrorist acts. Therefore, the letters must be stopped, he said. 

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