12,000 Students Have No Place to Stay

Three weeks prior to the new academic year, many students are struggling to find house in the major cities of Norway, writes 

According to the news website, 4,000 students lined up for housing in the capital, 2000 in Bergen, 2000 in Trondheim, 1000 in Tromso, 1000 in Stavanger, 1500 in Kristiansand and Grimstad and at least 200 in Ås.

The leader of the Norwegian student organization, Øyvind Berdal says they have a coverage for only 14 percent and have to build more houses.

The main reason for the housing crisis is that there is an increasing number of Norwegian students who are willing to take higher education.

Berdal suggests that housing policy was not regulated in par with the increasing number of students and he reminded they had previously seen students who have had to sleep in tents due to this housing problem.

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