– Let us Honor our Deads by Enjoying the Life

The Norwegian officials came together for wreath laying in the government quarter at 09:30. The prime minister Jens Stoltenberg had a speech during the ceremony.

– In the hours and days after 22 July last year we were one nation. First we were united in shock and despair, as in an unwavering defense of humanity and diversity. One year after we gather to acknowledge that we can and we have to keep these values, said Stoltenberg.

The Prime Minister pointed out how the terror struck innocent people both in Oslo and Utøya, and praised the way the nation has coped with the tragedy.

– The offender has failed, the people won. Today we remember the 77 who were killed, eight of them here in the government quarter. Death struck suddenly. In one year, the children passed the difficult road to tombs to mourn their mother or father. Fathers and mothers have wept over their beloved children at their empty beds, and thousands of others – siblings, grandparents, friends and colleagues – have felt the loss and despair. It has indeed been a difficult year, continued the prime minister.

Stoltenberg stressed that the nation must also learn from what went wrong in that fateful day.

– It is an essential and important debate to learn and to prevent it from happening again, said the prime minister.

– Life’s flame is extinguished, and there is a pain you have to bear forever. But no one can take from you the warm memories: A father’s safe hands, the sound of a children’s room. Goodness and happiness can not be erased.

– 22 July will forever be linked to those who lost their lives. We will remember our deads in gratitude, and we will be there for you who were injured. For bearing visible and invisible wounds. We have not forgotten the promise we gave a year ago, said Stoltenberg.

– The past year has taught us how precious life is and how fragile life line is. Suddenly it is broken, then it is too late. We must be grateful for every good moment we get. When we do, we have meals together, conversation and silence.

Promise we share today: Let us honor the dead with the joy of life, ended the prime minister.

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