How does the International Media See Norway in the Anniversary of 22 July Terror Attacks?

Learning From Norway’s Tragedy (The New York Times)

…Prosecuting extremists who have committed crimes in a public courtroom makes it all the more shockingly clear that their horrific acts were undertaken by human beings, and that all of us must work every day to combat the ideas of extremism.

It has been remarkable to observe that the younger generation of Norwegiens — and especially the young survivors of the island massacre — have expressed their trust in Norway’s open approach to dealing with the affair. They know that a political system based on the rule of law cannot turn its back on its standard procedures on an ad hoc basis; that doing so would only provide extremists with evidence of the supposed double standards of democracy… Read More

Norway One Year Later: Are We Any Closer to Understanding This Tragedy? (Huffington Post)

…  The Breivik trial illustrates just how quick the Western media and other experts are to conclude that horrific crimes committed by a “native” (i.e., white) European and American must be the product of a mentally unstable mind. Long before any in-depth psychiatric examinations had been conducted, the word “insane” was regularly employed to make sense of Breivik’s actions. Just as importantly, the amount of energy expended to explain Breivik’s deeds as a product of mental illness would never have been poured out on someone with a Muslim background… Read More

Norway’s Tolerance Tested on Massacre Anniversary (Associated Press)

Norway’s commitment to face xenophobia with tolerance on the first anniversary of bomb and gun attacks by a confessed right-wing killer is being put to the test by hostile reactions to an influx of Gypsies from Eastern Europe… Read More

Did the Breivik Massacre Change Norwegian Politics? (Der Spiegel)

After last July’s massacre in Oslo and on Utøya island, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg helped his people cope with unimaginable loss. The country wanted to demonstrate the power of democracy and tolerance. But one year later, the cracks are beginning to show in this image… Read more

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