Wreath Laying in the Government Quarter

The fact that one year has passed since the 22 July terror attack is going to be marked by a wreath laying in the government quarter on Sunday the 22nd of July at 09.30 a.m. His Majesty the King and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will lay down wreaths and there will be a speech by the prime minister.

The wreath laying will take place at the Johan Nygaardsvold square (between the high rise government building and the street of Akersgata).

The event will also be transmitted directly on Net TV at

Johan Nygaardsvold square is now an open area and will be so also during this event and the remainder of the day. 

This especially concerns media which are at the place of the ceremony when it is getting close to the point in time when the bomb exploded. There will be internal occasion markings where it is especially requested that no filming or photographing takes place in connection with this event.

If there is a need for and wish to see the place  and to plan one’s own coverage, representatives of the FAD ministry will be at the place on Saturday 21 July between 2 pm (1400) and 4 pm (1600) and will be able to answer questions about the arrangement and practical circumstances concerning the wreath laying ceremony.

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