FrP Urges Again to Ban Begging in Norway

The capital has become a popular place for pickpockets, and the number of beggars is increasing day by day. In June 2012, the parliament had rejected the proposal to ban begging, but now FrP’s Iranian-Norwegian politician Mazyar Keshvari asks for promoting a new proposal to ban begging.

Romanians Top in Arrest Statistics

Taking to TV2, Oslo Deputy Police Chief Roger Andersen said Romanian citizens peak at arrest statistics in Oslo. Also the police in the capital believe that homeless people and beggars from Romania is the main reason why crime increases in Oslo.

Mazyar Keshvari responds to these statistics and statements.

– Now, police confirmed what we in the Progress Party has said all along. Now it’s time to introduce a ban on begging, he said to TV 2

FrP politician also added that Norway should not become a haven for beggars who also commit other forms of serious crime.

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