Fake Photographer Hunting with Swamp Logo in Norway

Norwegian Christian Democrat Party (KrF) proposes a labelling sytem for photographers after several young girls and some boys were fooled by fake photographers with with the promise of careers in Paris or New York. 

The photographers usually approach the young people on the street or through social websites, according to TV2. Then many find out that the modeling agency was not a modeling agency, but only a photographer with a studio at his home.

– Some times it goes so far that they have been subjected to sexual abuse, says the leader Elizabeth Løland of KrF Youth (KrFU).

She adds that many have been forced to undress and these images are used in a different context than was thought. So, she proposes the model agencies to be marked with a “Swamp” logo to show.

With “Swamp” label, the young politician thinks that real modeling agencies prove that they can give the models a proper contract, the chance to look at the pictures and keep posting them when they are uncomfortable with the usage of images.

– The brand will be used for modeling agencies and the products and advertising pages to show that they are a serious agency with proper contracts, says youth leader.

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