China Bans Norway’s Tourism Promotion

Hurtigruten invested for Norway’s western and northern coasts’ promotion in the Chinese market, but now the company’s advertising campaign was banned in China.

Norwegian passenger and freight line with daily sailings along Norway’s western and northern coast, Hurtigruten launched advertisement campaign for lights and wild and beautiful scenery of Norway in China. But communications director Ragnar Norum Hurtigruten said to TV 2 that chinese authorities stopped airing ads of Hurtigruten in China.

Asia and China in particular have been a major focus area for Hurtigruten. This year it was expected 7000 cruise with Chinese tourists on board.

China boycott is already noticeable 

Hurtigruten management is careful not to criticize the Nobel Committee’s decision to give the Peace Prize to the imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. But they expressed that there is no doubt that the Norwegian tourism loses much more money, if this boycott is prolonged.

– I hope this is temporary and the Chinese tourists will be able to travel to Europe and especially to Norway to experience nature here. We hope that they will continue this in the future, says Norum.

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