Snoop Dogg Brought Marijuana to Norway

At this time, hip-hop artist was caught in the Norwegian airport. The police of the city Kristiansand have stopped a popular singer for some time after customs officers found marijuana and cash larger than allowed by Norwegian law.

It is reported that the odor of marijuana was smelled in the customs by specially-trained dog. The rapper has decided not to deny it and presented a “weed” to law enforcement officials. As a result, Snoop Dogg was fined 8.6 thousands USD and then released. Hip-hop singer was going to a music festival in Kristiansand in southern Norway. It is noteworthy that recently Snoop Dogg was got in a similar situation.

At the beginning of the year a vial with about 15 grams of marijuana was also found by police dog during the usual inspection of the vehicles on the checkpoint in the town of Sierra Blanca on the border with Mexico. The dog found drugs in a trash container on the bus, which is usually used by Snoop Dogg to move during the tour.

The rapper admitted that he owned the vial, and mentioned the permit issued specifically in California. However, in Texas, where in fact he passed inspection, that was not acceptable. As a result, police seized illegal drugs from Snoop Dogg, and he received a fine of 537 dollars and ordered to appear in court for trial.

Snoop Dogg has problems with law not for the first time, including those for storage and transportation of drugs. In addition, he was judged for possession of weapon and even for an attempt to smuggle electric shocker on board, which, according to Snoop Dogg, got in hand luggage by mistake. In 1990, the musician was found guilty of trying to sell cocaine. Moreover, in the 1990s, Snoop Dogg was suspected in the murder but was acquitted.

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