A car, stolen in Norway, was found in Russia

Man found information about selling of «Honda-CRV» car on one of the most popular automotive Web sites. During a meeting with the seller the two men have made a standard contract of sale, and buyer had paid 920,000 rubles (ca. 170 000 NOK). A week later, the man decided to register his new car at the local traffic police office. However, it became clear that the identification numbers of the vehicle (VIN) were fake. The experts found that the license plates of machine components and assemblies have been changed. It turned out that the car was on the international wanted list. In May 2012 this car was stolen in Trondheim, Norway.

Now the police have to figure out how stolen car was able to cross the border and drive up to half of the country to the Kemerovo region (ca. 6000 km), says the press service of State for the Interior Ministry of the Kemerovo region. At the moment, it was discovered that the car entered Russia through Belarus borders.

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