Christian Democrats Trust on Støre about Alcohol Ban

Foreign Minister Støre promised it would not threaten the Norwegian total ban on alcohol advertising and Christian Democrat Party (KrF( relies on the Minister.

TV directive formally has been taken into the EEA Agreement to ensure unchanged airing of television broadcasts within the European Economic Area. By introducing the directive, Norway loses the opportunity to cut sending alcohol ads from foreign origin televisions. The regulation has made possible to view alcohol ads for television channels transmitting from abroad -such as Norwegian TV3.

KrF has committed itself strongly to keep the Norwegian ban. Member of Parliament from the party, Laila Dåvøy realize that the battle against the EU directive is lost, but said her party keeps their hopes that Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre can sort things out.

Alcohol advertising ban in Norway

Norway has a ban on advertising beer, wine and spirits in order to keep consumption down. The ban was introduced in Norway in 1975 and continued until the new EEA Agreement. 

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