Norway May Ban Kinder Egg and Happy Meal

This week, Health and Care Services Ministry sent for comment a regulation that bans “marketing of energy drinks, salty and nutrient-poor foods to children and youth.

The proposal tightens the current legislation that primarily prohibits television advertising aimed at children in children’s prime time. It increases the age limit for the advertisement ban from 12 to 18. Also, the regulation prohibits “the use of supplements, gifts, toys, coupons, discounts or collectibles that appeal to children and young people to consume unhealthy foods.

On the other hand, the ministry denied that the legistlation would lead Kinder and Happy Meal to be banned. Health and Human Services Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen said to DT that they are committed to promoting healthy nutrition among children and young people, but it does not mean that they should ban certain products like Kinder egg. 

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