Norwegians Sang Birthday Song for their King and Queen

King and Queen arrived at the celebration with a boat just after the firing of a salute from the Akershus Fortress. The inaugural performance was led by Herborg KrĂĄkevik, it was followed by musical performances by Marit Larsen, Ole Paus, Henning Kraggerud, Envy, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Opera children’s choir.

Nearly 2500 attended to the birthday celebration for the King and Queen, and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg spoke to the attendants. The celebration ended with the singing of the king’s song.

The event is part of the government’s gift to the royal couple’s 75th anniversary. Earlier this year, the royal exhibition “The royal journey” was also held in connection with the 75th anniversary. The exhibition consists of treasures from the royal art collections, historical artifacts and numerous photographs.

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