Breivik: There will be another attack within a year and three months

On Wednesday, investigators of the manifest and the alleged Knight Templar Network explained that they have not investigated the 8,000 e-mail contacts Breivik wanted to send to the manifesto. The defendant had previously claimed that the  Knight Templar members are among them.

Prosecutors Svein Holden said they do not want to investigate these e-mails as it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. He also pointed out that an e-mail is not a secure identity.

Terrorist Breivik said, in return, the investigators are trying to defend that they do not want to investigate the 8,000 e-mail addresses. He also added that it’s good for him, but it will be proved within 1 year and three months that they are wrong. Then there will be another attack, ended Breivik.

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