Toll rings in Oslo Become More Expensive

The steering committee for the Oslopakke 3 (Oslo Package 3) has reached agreement on the proposal for a revised agreement for the Oslopakke 3 and an action program to apply in the period of 2013 to 2016.

Oslo Package 3 is the overall plan for development and financing of roads and public transport in Oslo and Akershus.

Conservatives (Høyre), Liberals (Venstre) and Labour (Ap) representatives are behind the settlement after our FRP reprenstatives resigned in protest against the rising prices of toll rings.

According to the regulation, the price of the toll rings around Oslo is increased to 30 NOK from 26 NOK and to 15 NOK in Bærum. In addition, the so-called chip discount was reduced from 20 to 10 percent.

More tolls to come

In addition to these price changes, the plan also includes building of more tolls in Oslo. Prices have been increased in order to finance investments on road and public transport projects in the package. 

Urban Tolling in Norway

In 1986 (Bergen), tolling was first introduced to an urban area. Later Oslo (1990) and Trondheim (1991) followed. Since then, several Norwegian cities have discussed road pricing, and some have decided on specific local systems. The design of the schemes, and the composition of investment packages, have changed in line with developments in technology andchanging political preferences. The urban toll rings are based on local initiatives. They need approval by political bodies and sanctioning by the National Parliament. An agreed operating period is decided, usually 15 years? They are managed and operated by private companies, jointly owned by public and private interests

The Oslo toll ring is run by Fjellinjen AS, a company charged with the financing partand public transport developments in the Greater Oslo Area, which it does throughraising tolls on the Oslo toll ring. The company is 60% owned by Oslo City Counciland 40% owned by the neighbouring Akershus County Council

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