Abortion Ban is Strenghtened in Norway

The directorate provided a legal assessment of the ban on abortion when the fetus can survive. 

Abortion Act states that after the end of the eighteenth week of pregnancy, a pregnancy is not canceled unless there are particularly weighty reasons for it. Is there reason to believe that the fetus is viable, you consent to pregnancy termination is not given.

In the Directorate’s assessment, it is not allowed for abortions of viable fetuses even if strong social reasons would indicate otherwise. The Ministry agrees with this assessment. AccordĂ˝ngly, the woman’s young age, or other strong social reasons can not justify the abortion of viable fetuses.

– This is a serious matter and it is important that the Health Directorate has made a clear conclusion, said Health and Human Services MĂ˝nĂ˝ster Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen.

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