Norwegian Police: – People Buy Drugs on the Internet Anonymously

According to TV2’s report, an anonymous service software allows users to surf anonymously on the Internet, and access the web’s criminal underworld, writes the independent Norwegian police magazine Politiforum 

Online stores do not come in regular Google search, but there are many offering the exact addresses of these illegal services.

– It takes five minutes to install the software, and then you are in a shop that offers all kinds of drugs, weapons, chemicals, hacker services and child pornography, wrote the Politiforum.

– These online stores are a huge problem. But we know that this takes place in parts of the network that is not anonymous as well. Also it is more problematic that those who are behind these pages come from all over the world. Anonymity services makes this even more difficult. They do not sit in the local area and cannot be traced by us, says head of computer crime department Rune Fløisbonn in NCIS.

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