Today’s Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

Dagbladet makes headlines the warning against highly hazardous ticks in Norway. After the potentially fatal virus type TBE was diagnosed in a child in Østfold, the population in Østfold are now checked for the new tick-virus TBE. The researchers warn the people about this dangerous viruses detected after the tick bite.

Dagsavisen’s headline is “We belong to Labor Class“. While May 1 celebration approaches, the left-wing newspaper’s front page is full of different messages about May 1. Just under this headline. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg says workers’ day will be celebrated in the same way as before, but will be different after 22 July.

VG appraises the upcoming month, May on the front page. The headline of the newspaper is “Therefore, May is a super month”. In the detaisl of the article, this statement is upported with positive trends in this month: Lower Electricity Prices, Warmer Weather, Affordable Travel, High Level of Sexual Arousal.

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