Petition for Breivik’s Release Arouses Contoversy

The organizers of the petition justifies the petition as follows:

” Anders Breivik is a scholar and a gentleman, a man wrongfully convicted. People should sign this petition to secure the liberty, freedom, and justice of Europe, as well as all of the world. For if we allow one man to fall, so too do we all.” 

So far, more than 200 people have signed the petition. The aim of the petition is to gather 9001 signatures to be sent to the Oslo District Court for immediate release of the mass murderer of 77 people in Oslo and Utøya on 22 July 2011. Some have also written their own comments.

– He did only what was necessary in my eyes so just let that man go. He deserves it, writes a symphatizer from Germany. Another person from Oslo also writes that he is a hero and should be awarded with Noble Price.

The petition requires The Oslo Courts and Norwegian Government to discredit all allegations against Anders Behring Breivik, immediately release Anders Behring Breivik from custody and even issue a press release apology for the incident, including-but not limited to-the condemnation of the officials involved and potential arrests of the right-wing terrorist.

According to TV2, this petition list is not the only one in circulation. Several websites and Facebook pages have been also created to celebrate terrorist Breivik and demand his release. There are even groups who print T-Shirts with Breivik’s photos.

Increasing Right Wing Extremism

Last Month, a German clothing brand popular with neo-Nazis had opened a store called “Brevik” in the city of Chemnitz, sending residents and politicians into a fury. 

Several months prior to 22 July, the Police Security Service (PST) had notified the government that they had very few resources to monitor right-wing extremist groups, according to the daily newspaper VG.

What to do about the boom in dangerous fake remedies

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