The Contrasting Pictures against Breivik in Norway

On Thursday, 40.000 Norwegians sang the song “Children of the rainbow” in response to a week of testimony by the rightwing terrorist Anders Breivik, the meaning of those words has been transformed.

The lyrics were written by Lillebjørn Nilsen, a much-loved Norwegian singer-songwriter from the 1970s, who Breivik singled out in his testimony as a “Marxist” who “writes music that is used to brainwash children”. Far from being a call for revolution, the lyrics paint a picture of a society where “Together we will live/Each sister and brother/Small children of the rainbow”.

Meanwhile, the online news portals featuring the event received several thousand angry comments against the organization such as:

“Fun to see the panic in the left wing …”

“The politicians in Norway kills more than Breivik”

“Norway have never have been fairer North Korea»

According to TV2’s report, a participant of the singing ceremony, Magnus Forsberg shared this two constrasting pictures of Norway after reading comments on various websites on Thursday. While tens thousands people give unity messages, thousands of online users reacted to them.

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