Today’s Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

VG today makes headline a warning from The Norwegian Fire Protection Association: “Norwegian furnitures are fire traps. Do not use fire distinguisher as in other countries”. 

According to the report of the Association 28 percent of all fatal fires start in the furniture. The upholstered furniture and mattresses contribute very negatively to fire statistics. The report warns that the newly purchased sofa can thus be a fire trap, largely because of the government’s wasting time to put in place new regulations. The Association wants furniture fire safety requirements to be tightened as strict as in Britain. But the furniture industry is very negative to the proposal.

Dagsavisen writes about the newly elected Socialist Left Party leader Audun Lysbakken’s victory on government’s climate plan after one year struggle. Just over a month after the newly elected Socialist Left Party (SV) leader Audun Lysbakken presented his new environmental roadmap. Until Monday the talks have been going with other coalition members. In the end of the long discussions, SV’s plan was adopted despite some government members’ opposition. In SV, the result is celebrated like a party victory.

According to the newspaper, SV won in theory but the industry representatives are not worried – simply because they do not believe in the implementation. 

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