Less Educated Old Men are Overrepresented in Anti-Immigrant Websites

Klasse Kampen made an analysis with Alexa to undergo eight Islam hostile websites including Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, The Brussels Journal, Islam Watch and Atlas Shrugged. According to the survey’s results, men over 65 years and having primary education are overrepresented at all sites. Also, very few users of these sites have children and a regular job or go to school.

The newspaper’s statistics match well with voter groups of extreme right parties in Europe, says journalist and author of “Hatet mot muslimer” (The hatred against Muslims), Andreas Malm.

– There is a dominance of older men, often unemployed who may feel ostracized from society and seeking for an explanation and a scapegoat, he said.

Malm also notes that the typical profile of the conspiracy theorists are elderly, lonely men, who becomes obsessed with a particular question and who may be attracted to Islam hostile conspiracy theories.

The editor of the Norwegian magazine Vepsen, Tor Bach supports Malm’s views.

– Firstly, they are characterized by no confidence against the entire society and the democratic system. Second, they sincerely believe that someone will harm them, says Bach to Klassekampen.

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