Congestion Fee on Bus, Tram and Metro

Ruter, which operates bus, subway and tram in Oslo and Akershus, has proposed to vary rates based on time of day you travel. Ruter board believes that so-called time-differentiated transport rates should be considered as part of an increase in ticket prices as a whole. They also think a congestion charge would get more people to travel in off-peak traffic, while public transport gets more money.Ā 

– Many travel in rush hours, and we have lots of unused capacity in the rest of the day. Now we have to make attractive to travel even in these less popular times, says CEO of Ruter, Bernt Reitan Jenssen to NRK.

On the other hand, ConsumerĀ CouncilĀ argues that rush hour fee in Oslo and Akershus is an extraordinarily bad idea. Ā 

-I understand Ruter needs to spread the traffic, but the customer must be in the center. If we want to promote the public transport, it must be user friendly, predictable and affordable, wrote the Council.

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