Raise the threshold of declaring criminally insane for Breivik

Former legal psychiatrist Harald ReppesgĂ„rd commented on the discussion about the 22 July terrorist Breivik’s mental stability. ReppesgĂ„rd believes the situation and discussions are about to destroy the credibility of psychiatry and mental health law in particular. 

– We need to raise the threshold of declaring criminally insane, and most of them have to get a judgment and a punishment for their crimes, said ReppesgĂ„rd to Adresseavisen.

He also stated that the problem lies in the legislation, which attempts to transfer a medical diagnosis in courts. According to ReppesgĂ„rd, only those with serious mental problems such as people who believe they are affected by various forces, hear voices, see visions and delusions, should fall under the law. 

– The others, with milder psychosis diagnoses can and should be sentenced to prison for their crimes, said the experienced psychiatrist.

ReppesgĂ„rd have been forensic psychiatric expert witness in many years and have prepared statements in a number of major Norwegian trials. 

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