Breivik Planned to Kill Obama

In the police interrogation, Breivik said he wanted to kill the U.S. President Barack Obama with a car bomb. According to the daily newspaper Dagbladet, Breivik had considered to do the attack during the award of the Nobel Peace Prize on 10th December 2009 in Oslo.

Similar to the double terrorirst attacks of 22 July 2011 in Oslo, and on the Utøya island, where 77 people were killed, he wanted to disguise himself as a policeman. But Breivik feared massive security measures in connection with the Nobel ceremony, and did not go ahead with the plan.

The terrorist Breivik had previously stated that he was inspired by right extremist American “Oklahoma Bomber” Timothy McVeigh. This was in 1995 and McVeigh had blown up an office building in Oklahoma City with a car bomb, killing 168 people.

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