Who can get a work permit as a skilled worker in Norway?

In order to be granted a residence permit for skilled workers, you must be a qualified skilled worker whose expertise is relevant to the job you will be doing in Norway.

Who is considered to be a “skilled worker”?

The term skilled worker covers the following categories of qualifications: 

  • Specialist training corresponding to upper secondary education level
  • Craft certificate 
  • University college or university education 
  • Special qualifications

Do you have a job offer?

In order to get a residence and work permit for skilled workers you must have received a concrete offer of employment from an employer in Norway.

The employment offer must state the position you will fill, your hourly wage and the number of working hours per week. The duration of the offer of employment must also be specified.

As a rule, you must have received an offer of full-time employment for one employer.

Do you not have a job offer yet?

If you are a skilled worker, and wish to come to Norway to find work, you can apply for a residence permit for skilled jobseekers.

With such a permit you can stay in Norway for up to six months while you are searching for work.

Are you from a EU or EEA/EFTA-country?

Nationals from EU/EEA/EFTA-countries don’t need to apply for residence or work permits.

You are free to travel to Norway and look for work.

The only thing you need to do is to register with the police through the EEA registration scheme.

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