Today’s Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

The main story of VG is a consumer economy guide for the ones who are trying to balance their fiancial situation. The newspaper writes what affects the personal economy.

While the  trial of Vågå mayor Rune Øygard -who is accused of assaulting an underage girl-  approaches, new details are revealed about the case. The news story on the top of the main story is about a witness statement. Accordingly, Øygard sent sms to the victim several times. Also, previously it was revealed that Stoltenberg will be witness in the trial.

Øygard was charged with sexual abuse of a girl in September 2011. The abuse allegedly took place during the period when the girl was 13 to 15 years old. According to the girl’s lawyer, Nina Braathen Hjortdal, it involves several sexual encounters over a long period. The mayor denies the serious allegations and he will be on sick leave until the charges will be clarified.

Dagsavisen’s headline is a striking statistics about the violence against children. The newspaper writes that every year one child dies due to physical abuse in Norway. 

More and more warnings about violence against children in the wake of Christoffer case. But while reviews are increasing dramatically, the number of unreported cases is probably huge – and children still die of violence. This week, the trial of the mother to eight-year-old Christopher Gjerstad Kihle from Vestfold continues. Christopher had been killed by his stepfather in February 2005. Her mother is now accused of passive participation in Christoffer stepfather’s convicted physical abuse.


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