Norway District Court Drops Hearing of NRI Couple’s Child Welfare Case

The municipality of Stavanger postpones the next steps to be taken in this case in dialogue with the lawyer, the private parties and Stavanger District Court. In the press release from the municipality, it was stated that new developments in the child welfare case involving two Indian children make it impossible to carry out the hearing in Stavanger District Court that was scheduled for Friday 23 March.

The case was due to be heard on 23 March on the condition that the parties entered into an agreement that care of the children should be awarded to their uncle in India. Recently, some articles have been publishd in Indian media claiming there are conflicts between the parents and their respective families. Based on these news, the municiplaity decided that the conditions for entering into an agreement of this kind are no longer present.

In January, a process was initiated following a joint request from the families of the children’s parents to find a mutually agreed solution for the children. At the end of this process, the Child Welfare Service in Stavanger concluded that the children’s uncle should be awarded care of the children, so that he could take them back to India to be with their extended family there. The Child Welfare Service was of the view that this was a satisfactory way of ensuring that the children were given the care and follow-up they needed.

According to the plan, Stavanger District Court was to decide whether the children could be removed from the care of the public authorities on this basis.  

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