Report: Immigrants Harrassed before Breivik was Arrested

The report was commissioned by the Antiracist Centre on behalf of the Government’s 22 July Commission. According to the report, there was extensive unsafety and harassment of immigrants in the hours before it was clear that an ethnic Norwegian was behind the bomb and shooting at Utøya, writes Norwegian daily, VĂĄrtland.

Anti Racist Centre has conducted in-depth interviews with 15 people who have been subjected to harassment. They also have been in contact with over 70 people and will have more interviews.

The director of Anti-Racist Center, Kari Helene Partapuoli said there are many people who say they have heard of some who were harassed, but they have only regarded the primary sources.

Partapuoli stated that some of the experiences are very serious. In addition to physical attacks, such as pulling, kicking and knife threats, many were subjected to verbal harassment or denied access to public transport.

Although they were victims of racism and violence, the victims did not go to police. Partapuoli believes this is due to a generally low willingness to talk about these events during the tragedy in Norway.

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