Russian NGOs Mobilized against Norwegian Barnevernet

“Young Guards” and the movement “Russian mothers’ mobilize in support of Russian parents who were separated from the guardianship of children in foreign countries. In the frame of the organization, the Russian demonstrators hold a demonstration agains Norwegian Barnevernet.

The aim of the protests is to demand the release of 15 Russian children who have been removed from their Russian parents and placed in Norwegian foster families.

Maya Kasaeva, one of the protestors, says that she has been deported to Russia after her son was taken 8 years ago. Her native Ossetia will support her demand to let her son come back to Russia with his mother.

The organizers of the protests state that the only solution to this problem would be the signing of an agreement between Norway and Russia. However, they suggested Norway categorically refuses to sit down at the table and discuss it despite Russia’s efforts to start negotiating this issuee.

Russians Mobilized against Barnevernet

Previously, outside the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, the members of the youth organization of the ruling party, the United Russia had made a demonstration with strong slogans. 

“The Norwegian child welfare service is Breivik,” they cried.

The protests came after Russian media have recently run a series of issues about how more and more Russian women living in Norway are deprived of their children. 


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