A Norwegian military aircraft lost during a training exercise

Update on 17/03/2012

All have training in order to survive

Crew of the Norwegian Air Force is well trained in order to survive under difficult conditions.

– In general, all the necessary training to survive such a situation. They also have equipment for it. They should be able to cope with food and drink for a shorter period of time, says the head of the Armed Forces Winter School, Harald Østbye to

“We have
to admit that we are looking for a crashed plane,”
- said the representative of Norway’s Defense Ministry,
John Espen Liane. Official confirmation of
the accident hasn’t been done yet.

C-130 aircraft took off from the city Evenes in northern
Norway in the direction of Kiruna, Sweden. Dispatchers lost
contact with the pilots when the plane was in the 80-90 km
to the west of Kiruna. Norwegian and Swedish rescue
services and military units have already begun the search
for missing aircraft.

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