Russia Finds NATO Exercise in Norway Provocative

The largest military exercise in Norway in ten years’ time is taking place in Mid-Troms and involved 16 000 soldiers from 15 countries. The exercise includes the largest ever live firing drill held on Norwegian territory.

According to Barrent Observer, the Russian military perceive the operation as a sign of NATO wanting to strengthen its geopolitical and diplomatic efforts with military might.

“The current military exercise takes place amid NATO’s increased activities in the Arctic. This, in turn, is defined by the coming division of the natural resources in the region. Apparently, through flexing muscles NATO wants to show that it is set on strengthening its geopolitical and diplomatic efforts with military might”, says Chief editor of the newspaper “National Safety” Igor Korotchenko to Voice of Russia.


About the Exercise

Russia is keeping a close eye on the military activities in the Arctic, Igor Korotchenko says to Voice of Russia: “Russia is now creating two Arctic mobile brigades which can operate in any part of the Arctic, where it is necessary to protect the country’s interests”.

Exercise Cold Response is carried out in the counties of Nordland and Troms from the 12th to the 21st of March.

The operation is a Norwegian led winter exercise. The main purpose of this year’s winter exercise is to rehearse high intensity operations in winter conditions within NATO with a UN mandate.

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