This is an Abuse of Children – Today’s Headlines

Dagsavisen continues series of articles featuring the children who will be returned with their asylum seeker families. Today’s headline is the reaction of author Ingvar Ambjørnsen (55) to the government’s decision to send out these children who were born and have grown up in Norway: “”This is an abuse of children”, says he. He thinks more and more people will protest the government about these 450 children .

The famous author adds that as a Norwegian citizen, he can not sit quietly and watch the government returns the young children to countries they have never been in before.

VG today goes for a consumer advice story on its front page. The newspaper compares 7200 food products at 8 different shops to map the most economic shopping options. The title of the article is “Change your shop, save 7200 NOK”.

Another headline on the front page is the gold medal winner Norwegian skier, Tora Berger’s personal secret about why she cried during an interview after having won gold medal at Vancouver in 2010. The newspaper writes only few months before the competition, she was diagnosed of melanoma. So it was extra special to win in the Vancouver Games.

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