Today’s Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

Dagsavisen today focuses on the elections in Russia and makes headline the warning from the opponents groups about new protests against Putin. The newspaper writes that regime critics will not settle down even after Vladimir Putin has been re-elected as president. 

The other story on the top of the front page is about the future of the undocumented families (papirløs)’ children in Norway. Justice Minister Grete Faremo’s statements are given in the detail of the article. Faremo (AP) maintains that approximately 450 undocumented children who have lived in Norway for many years should be thrown out of the country. – It’s hard to be fair, she adds.

VĂĄrens Hateste Biler, meaning This Spring’s Hottest Cars”, is the headline of VG. The newspaper features 16 new cars whose prices start at around NOK 170.000.

Another headline on the left corner of VG’s front page is a warning about Cholesterol Drugs’ possible side effects.Director of the Norwegian Drug Administration, Steinar Madsen tells VG that many elderly who have had heart disease are using cholesterol drugs  without having any benefit from them but some serious side effects.

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