Health Scandal at Oslo University Hospital Unfolds

Accordingly, It is not the severity of the patient’s condition that determines how quickly patients receive treatment, but how much money the hospital saves on it.

Patients on the waiting list are categorized as either a “right patient” or not. Patients’ rights are to be given priority by Norwegian laws and are entitled to health care within a certain time limit. After this deadline is expired, patients can go to HELFO and claim to have treatment either abroad or elsewhere in the country, but in these cases, the hospitals which do not offer treatment on time are responsible for the bill of this treatment. This right, however, is not automatically granted to the patients. Patients must claim their rights on their own.

This is Where the Scandal Arises

Patients who demand their rights cost money for the hospital. Therefore, the management of the hospital has instructed doctors at several departments that these patients should be given priority over other patients who actually have the same rights, and may even have waited longer.

In this way, the management has asked doctors about putting medical considerations aside for economic considerations.

TV 2 has reported that the University Hospital has done this for several years. More doctors have voiced up and called this practice medically unethical.

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