Today's Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

Dagbladet makes headline the life story of Breivik's advocate, Geir Lippestad. According to the story, Lippestad is having a mixture of feelings nowadays. While he is waiting his 8th children impatiently, he is desperately witnessing his little daughter's dying in his arms due to her incurable illness.

Dagsavisen's headline is “The Elderly Solves The Aging Population Problem: Mette(71) Helps Another Elderly”. According to the article, the municipalities are unable to give all elderly people the help they need. Instead, thousands of elderly volunteers help their peers. Another pensioner Mette Nordberg (71) from Grefsen is one of them. She has been helping Ingeborg E. Larsen (89) for three years. 89-year-old lives in a nursing home in Grünerløkka, and her face lights up when Mette comes at the door.

VG gives agood news for Norwegian pensioners on the front page. The newspapers writes that Portugal launches a new and fantastic tax law for Scandinavian pensioners. According to a new tax treaty entered into force between Norway and Portugal on 1 January, many Norwegian pensioners who want to live in this country will not have to pay any tax.

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