Today's Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

Dagsavisen's headline is the criticism about the clumsy bureaucratic structure of Norwegian health system. The criticism comes from CEO of Oslo University Hospital, Siri Hatlen. The previous director of Norwegian health Directorate, Hatlen's statements are on the front page of the newspaper: An organizational model must have the necessary support and labor can not continue to keep a model all the other parties want to change. In the details of the article, she calls the governemnt to review the heavy bureaucracy of the health directorate, and ask whether Norway need regional health authorities.

VG brings a more serious health issue to the table on its front page. The newspaper writes “Eight Norwegian babies were used as 'experimental rabbit' for swine flu vaccine”. Eight Norwegian babies were the first and only infants in the world who were vaccinated against swine flu. The aim was to determine if the vaccine was safe for such small children. 

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