Read and Listen to Today's Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

The picture of the unfortunate 98-year-old lady who was killed by an 18-year-old man is again the cover of VG today. The details of the murder unfold with personal details of the victim and the killer. 

Just above this main story, the newspaper features another tragedy: The albino moose in Trysil forests misses her mom who was killed in a traffic accident on Saturday. The title of the moose's story is “Looking for Her Dead Mom.” 

The main story of Dagbladet is for Facebook users. The newspaper warns the Norwegians about the Facebook viruses and gives some advices to protect them against this cyber threat by adding a title in bold: “Norwegians are very credulous.”

Dagbladet uses its usual naked picture quota with a health story on the top of the front page. The title over the naked body of a lady is about the foods protecting you from some diseases such as alzheimer and diabets. 

Dagsavisen takes a more serious political issue to the front page. The newspaper features the recent controversial fund allocation to some civic organizations connected with the coalition government's member Socialist Left Party (SV). In the article,  it is claimed that the Minister of Children and Equality from SV, Audun Lysbakken appropriated NOK 500,000 for self-defense courses for girls last fall but the grant was announced and provided to only party's own youth politicians and sub organizations.

In the details of these serious claims against Lysbakken, the newspaper writes what the prime minister and other parties think and say about this case.

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