Read and Listen to Today's Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers

VG's main story's title is “Norwegian Footbal's Grief and Tribute”. The newspaper writes what his friends and family said about the Norwegian Football coach Torbjørn Eggen, who passed away yesterday, 51 years old.

Another front page story is about the only privately owned version of Edvard Munch's painting “Scream” to be auctioned. According to the newspaper, Scream can be sold for more than 80 million dollars – more than 450 million Norwegian Kroner.

Under this story, a title heralds the upcoming spring weather to Norway: “Prepare your sun cream – Finally Spring Weather”

Dagsavisen chooses the future of public transportation as the main theme today with a title “Collective Transportation or Chaos” on the pront page. The newspaper writes that the number of public transport must be doubled a year. If not, the ten largest urban areas in Norway will have a serious traffic congestion. 

Yesterday's sorrowful lose in Norwegian football finds a place itself on Dagsavisen's front page too.

Dagbladet takes Norwegian Football coach Knut Torbjørn Eggen's sudden death to the headline with his smiling photo. The newspaper gives the details of the coach's life and funeral. 

On the top of the front page, a health tip is given to the readers: What is the healthiest bread of Norway? 

Next to this story, the arrest of 18-year-old abuser and murderer of 98-year-old lady Hilda.

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