They Will Provide Free Sex to People in Norway

The movement believes people need sex to be happy, and want to establish volunteer centers for people who are not getting enough at home.

The leader of the movement, Frank Horn Hartvedt led the idea to open free brothels in the country's five largest cities in the spring.

-The main idea is that many need a better sex life to be happy, and therefore it should be easy to obtain willing partners. Hartvedt thinks it's a shame that politicians try to regulate the sex lives of Norwegians by prohibiting prostitution. 

According to TV2, they will now give a helping hand to the Norwegians who cannot have sex regularly.

The Brothels will aim at both men and women and are scheduled to open in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Kristiansand. Horn Hartvedt does not give the exact addresses, but promises that this will be announced as the opening date approaches. 

According to Hartvedt it will not be problem to find enough volunteer men and women who want to have sex. 

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