Today's Headlines from Norwegian Newspapers


Aftenposten today brings an environmental issue to the table. The headline of the newspaper is the Municipalities' call to the government. “Buy our Climate Quata”. according to the article, the municipalities are willing to provide aid to government in its new climate program. 

Newly elected Head of KS Gunn Marit Helgesen believes local authorities can help the government to cut greenhouse gas emissions and they can make matters easier for the government.

Helgesen estimates that municipalities will be able to cut four or five times more than what has so far been calculated, which will constitute about 40 percent of aimed nationwide CO2 cut.


22 July Terrorist Breivik “decorates” VG's front page as usual. Today, the newspaper writes “Breivik is not particularly smart” based on another expert's examination on him. The expert elaborates how avarage IQ Breivik has on the contrary to what is believed.


Dagbladet features consumer rights articles on its front page. The newspaper writes “It is possible to have half price in insurance”. In the detail of the article, it is elaborated how to save up to 60% while doing insurance for your house and car by a few simple measures such as changing your company, setting a thief alarm etc. 

Another headline on the frontpage is a classic in the scarcity of up-to-date news: “The best mobile applications for your phone”.


Private kindergartens large surpluses makes the headlines of Dagsavisen. The newspaper writes “Private kindergardens get fat on Children” implying that they are earning a lot of money from children. In the details of this headline, we see a new report showing that private kindergartens in 2010 received between 600 and 700 million NOK in profit. 

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