Finals at World Snowboarding Championships

Yesterday, thousands of spectators came to see spectacular riding in Norway's most visited tourist attraction.

After the semi finals, with a field of 19 riders competing, 8 bold finalists were standing tall on top of the arena.

Olivier Gittler started out with a stylish crail and locked in a McTwists worthy the master of seremony. 

Terje was back in charging mode and went for the world record! He landed a 7.7meter method and got first for highest air.

Kim Rune Hansen went for, and landed, a 5,5 meter double chuck flip, wich gave him the 1st place best trick.

Terje went crazy with the champagne and invited everybody for the party tonight.

Find the total score RESULTS HERE

If you missed the Livestream, you can see the reruns HERE

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